Complete Lamps

Lumea offers a wide range of Liquid Wax Candle holders, perfect for creating the desired ambience in UK hospitality venues. Our unique holders come in various styles, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your venue. With Lumea's long-lasting and odour-free Liquid Wax Candles, you can enjoy all the benefits of traditional candles without any of the associated problems.

Our Liquid Wax System will enhance your guests' dining experience and promote repeat business. Choose from our collection of Liquid Wax Candle Lamps, available in different sizes and styles, and the holder size will determine the candle's burn time.

Please note: Lumea Liquid Wax Candles or Lumea Flicker Candles are not included in the price of Lumea Candle Holders and are purchased separately.

All Lumea lamps are registered designs of Lumea Ltd and are protected by EU and international copyright law.

Please click here if you would like to only view lamps suitable with our Rechargeable Flicker Candles.