Recycling Information

Lumea operates a recycling scheme for all our Liquid Wax Candle customers. Customers may return empty Lumea Liquid Wax Candle bottles to Lumea where we will then recycle them.


Contact Lumea directly for some Lumea recycling bags which will be sent out free-of-charge. If you would like to regularly receive a recycling bag with every purchase of Lumea Liquid Wax Candles, please notify Lumea in writing so that we may add a note to your account.


1. Once you have empty bottles of Lumea Liquid Wax, place empty bottles into the Lumea recycling bag.

2. Once full, seal the bag with the ‘peel and seal’ strip and pack the bag into the outer case in which they were originally delivered.

– Please Note, recycling bags must be boxed for return, unboxed bags will be rejected by the carrier.

3. Please seal the outer box with strong packing tape. If there were any, please recycle the two smaller/inner cardboard boxes locally.



To arrange collection of the empty bottles, please contact Lumea who will arrange a collection via a third-party carrier.

– Please be advised that the pick-up will be undertaken by a different driver than the one who may make your regular deliveries.

The driver will arrive with a returns label which they will affix to the box. Your empty bottles will then be in transit to the Lumea warehouse for recycling.

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