Rechargeable Table Lamps

Lumea LED Table Lamps create a warm bright and consistent illumination and inductive technology makes them easy to charge. There is a battery indicator on each lamp and tray.

Lumea LED Table Lamps can be recharged with a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours per lamp and the battery and bulb can be replaced when required.

The remote control allows you to change the level of brightness, a timer button allowing 4 hours before switching off.  The Smooth functions allows you to smoothly transition through the colours while the Flash function allows a faster pace of transition through the colours.  The Candle button allows the simulation of a flickering candle while the Light option gives you a steady light.

Each set consists of: 4 Table lamps, one charging tray, plug and remote. A maximum of 2 charging trays can be charged with one plug.

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